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Swirl Necklace with Graduated Pearls

Oxidised silver swirl motif necklace with freshwater pearls



This refined necklace features a 43cm (17") strand of superb quality freshwater pearls graduating from 8mm to 3.5mm. In contrast to the natural beauty of the white pearls is the handmade black oxidised silver section of swirl motifs in three parts each measuring 80mm x 44mm. Reminiscent of decorative ironwork and a truly unique elegant piece. Due to the unique nature of the pearls, this necklace is a limited edition. 

Overall length 670mm

Each piece is thoughtfully made in small batches or as one-off pieces by me in my studio in Glasgow. I appreciate good craftsmanship and strive to achieve the highest standards every day in my work. I hand-select the pearls and garnets that I use in my designs to ensure their quality, colour, lustre and sparkle is consistent.

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