About Marianne

Acclaimed British jewellery designer Marianne Anderson graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2003 with a First Class Honours Degree in Jewellery Design. Since then, Marianne has developed her exquisite jewellery from her studio in Glasgow, Scotland. Winning awards and exhibiting in prestigious exhibitions across the UK, Europe and America has helped Marianne carve out a successful reputation.

Marianne enjoys passing on her making skills and has extensive teaching and lecturing experience specific to her jewellery craft. Currently, she is a visiting lecturer at The Glasgow School of Art and also runs jewellery workshops from her studio.

Contemporary Luxury Jewellery

Working  within a restrained palette of oxidised silver, 18ct gold, red garnets and white pearls she creates luxurious and wearable collections that reference ornamental detailing and all things decorative. Inspired by traditional decorative forms found in architectural features like decorative ironwork, Marianne skilfully uses traditional jewellery techniques to make her collections - luxurious stone settings, intricate pierced patterns, and detailed surface texture all add to the allure of each piece. This combination of colour and artistry results in a treasury of unique and feminine pieces that are beautiful to wear.

Each piece in Marianne's collection is thoughtfully handmade in small batches or as one-off pieces and exhibited and sold across the world through galleries, exhibitions and online through her own website and other online retailers. Marianne's appreciation of excellence in craftsmanship sees her strive to achieve the highest standards every day in her work.

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