About Oxidised Silver

Oxidisation is the treatment of silver to change the surface colour to grey and black. My jewellery is oxidised to dark black with a rich luster. Oxidisation is not a permanent surface treatment and can wear off. The oxidisation on raised patterned areas is prone to burnishing off over time, especially in the case of ring shanks. This is often a positive feature as it highlights the detail of the pattern. Items such as earrings and brooches that sit static will maintain their black finish as long as they are cared for. I'm happy to re-oxidise any pieces you have bought from me without charge, however postal charges will be payable by the customer.

Cleaning Your Jewellery
Oxidised silver requires virtually no cleaning. To remove dirt from intricate patterned areas use a soft brush either dry or with soapy water. Avoid hard brushes or any abrasives as they will scratch the surface and remove the patina. Avoid immersing oxidised areas in any chemical jewellery cleaning solutions as this will remove the oxidisation. To clean gold areas use a soft polishing cloth that is suitable for use with gold.

Caring for Pearls
Pearls are very soft and more fragile than other gemstones so need special care. My pearls are strung in the traditional way on pure silk thread with knots between each pearl. The knots prevent loss of individual beads in the event of a breakage. Over time the silk may stretch, weaken or become soiled. If you wear your pearls regularly, it is advised that you have your pearls cleaned and restrung often.

Pearls can easily be spoiled by substances such as perfume and hair spray and even natural body oils and perspiration can dull their lustre. Please take care not to apply perfume whilst wearing your pearls and wipe them after wearing with a soft, damp cloth to remove any traces of cosmetics or body oils. Do not use any chemicals to clean your pearls. Even a mild soap could cause damage to their sheen. Only use jewellery cleaners labelled as safe for pearls. When taking off a pearl ring, hold the metal part, rather than the pearl. This will prevent the pearl from loosening and coming into contact with skin oils on your hand.

Because of their delicacy, pearls should not be placed next to other gems in a jewellery box. If possible, store your pearls in a separate box or pouch. This will also help protect your delicate pearls from changes in the atmosphere.

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