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Embossed Brocade Studs

Embossed Brocade Stud Earrings (8mm) in Black Oxidised silver



Availability: Made to order for you.

These unique earrings are perfect for the evening and every day. Team these up with other pieces in my collection.
Featuring an embossed surface reminiscent of acanthus scrolls and brocade textiles these earrings nod to these beautiful vintage styles in a contemporary way. Completely made by hand - like a tiny work of art on your ears!

- Made from silver, oxidised
- Overall size: 8mm
- Stud style earrings - Earring fits within the earlobe.
- Light and wearable every day
- Push-back (butterfly) fitting
- Made in Glasgow, Scotland.

What makes my jewellery so unique?
Each piece is thoughtfully made in small batches or as one-off pieces by me in my studio in Glasgow. I appreciate good craftsmanship and strive to achieve the highest standards every day in my work. From designing to making all jewellery is handcrafted and never uses any mass-produced parts. I hand-select the pearls and garnets that I use in my designs to ensure their quality, colour, lustre and sparkle is consistent.

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